Who We Are


The Free Inquiry Group of Southwest Florida is an organization of humanists, free thinkers, atheists and skeptics that meets monthly for friendly and lively discussions. 

We  meet the third Thursday of every month at various locations. Many of us  also get together for weekly lunches, and monthly picnics/parties. 

See our Events page for details.

Join us on our Free Inquiry Group of Southwest Florida's FaceBook page. 

Email us directly with any questions or comments to figswfl@gmail.com

Our 2018 elected officers include the following individuals (l-r)

  • John Bordanaro (Director)
  • Clara Calloway (Secretary) 
  • Bob Weisman (at Large)
  • Sharon Gray (at Large)
  • George Wolff (Vice-Chair)
  • Kenny Maturo (Treasurer)